Wuling Service Program Saves, Makes It Easy for Consumers Who Want Treatment

Otoloka.id — In order to provide convenience for consumers who want to carry out vehicle maintenance. Wuling Motors presents the ‘Wuling Service Save’ program during August 2021.
In this program, Wuling provides a variety of attractive offers ranging from free 50 vehicle check items to various discounts for purchasing certain parts.
“We continue to strive to provide various service innovations for consumers, which we are now realizing through Wuling Service Savings,” said Taufik S. Arief as Aftersales Director of Wuling Motors.

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Melalui program ini, tambah Taufik, pelanggan setia Wuling bisa mendapatkan program menarik untuk servis atau perawatan kendaraan di jaringan dealer resmi Wuling selama bulan ini.

“Kami berharap, Wuling Service Hemat dapat digunakan pelanggan di masa pandemi ini,” jelasnya.

Detail Program Wuling Service Hemat

Through this program, added Taufik, Wuling loyal customers can get interesting programs for vehicle service or maintenance at Wuling’s official dealer network during this month.
“We hope that Wuling Service Saves can be used by customers during this pandemic,” he explained.
Details of the Savings Wuling Service Program
The ‘Wuling Service Save’ program is open to all Wuling customers. Customers who perform services will receive a vehicle inspection according to Wuling standards which includes 50 items for free.
Customers can also choose a service promo package which is divided into 3 types, namely Savings Package 1 (free engine oil filter parts and engine oil gaskets/seal and 20% discount on engine oil parts), Savings Package 2 (10% discount on battery parts), and Savings Package 3 (10% discount on Brake Pad — Brake Shoe parts).

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Each customer is allowed to choose more than one type of package with the terms and conditions that apply.
“The ‘Wuling Service Savings’ program is only valid until the end of this month and is valid in various regions in Indonesia. We invite customers to immediately take advantage of the opportunity to get service with attractive offers during the promo period,” concluded Taufik S. Arief.




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