Honda HRV Review: An SUV That Keeps Shining and Selling Year after Year — Since its introduction until now, the Honda HRV has remained sparkling among other luxury cars. Its presence is considered sufficient to dim the compact hatchback and small sedan. Keep rising from year to year because the quality of the Honda HRV is getting better.

Starting from the features to the design, it always changes well from year to year. This car is the strength of Honda Prospect Indonesia (HPM), the holder of the Honda car brand in Indonesia, in the LOW SUV and crossover segments. Its cool, full-featured design is a market breaker. This is the reason why the Honda HRV is selling well in the market. In the fourth year of its launch, the Honda HRV is undergoing a refresher phase. The time is quite right for improvement in order to remain strong in competing in the market. HPM managed to take a moment at the 2018 International Auto Show (GIIAS) which took place at that time.

Interior Honda HRV

In the interior, the Honda HRV has undergone many changes. Although the design has not changed. The cabin of this car, which is type S and E, now dominates the black color. While the seats of the Honda HRV combine leather and fabric. The Special Edition is fully covered in leather, to wrap the steering wheel and transmission lever. Wow! The design looks elegant but it turns out to be quite luxurious. Special Prestige, combined with the color ivory. Includes dashboard, center console to door trim. There are also changes to the second row seats, namely, the addition of a headrest in the middle and a three-point seat belt.

The cabin of this Honda HRV contains futuristic elements but still emphasizes simplicity. Sophisticated impression is also visible because it is equipped with AC Smart Touch, in the form of a touch screen monitor. No need to use a remote like AC in general. At the top there is a new floating head unit that measures 8-inches. The features of this Honda HRV are various. Starting from media players to smartphone connections. The system is only available in type E and Prestige. On the driver’s side, it feels more stable like driving a sedan. The seat is quite low.

But don’t worry! You can adjust the driving seat position according to your body posture. This position is so perfect and makes it easier for the driver. Thanks to the tilt and telescopic settings. As well as the additional position of the center console with a transmission lever that is quite high like a sports car. Due to the sporty layout of the Honda HRV, this allows the use of an Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) which can replace the conventional parking brake

Honda HRV . exterior

Furthermore, the exterior of the Honda HRV was so attractive when it was first launched. You could say this Honda HRV has become a new trendsetter in the crossover class. Having previously been broken into by the Nissan Juke. The design of the Honda HRV is able to combine a sporty and dynamic impression. Both impressions are important factors for those who are young at heart and want to look cool on the road.

The dimensions of the Honda HRV for density driving in the city are 4,294 mm in length, 1,772 mm in width, 1,580 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,610 mm. With these dimensions, the Honda HRV is just getting better. Even without the Honda name. It is certain that it will continue to be in demand in the car market. With a face that carries a theme titled Solid Wing Face, a large grille, a firm and dashing design as if it is showing the power of the SUV owned by the Honda HRV.

The latest Honda HRV model is a grille model that is made thicker and firmer. Then changes also exist in the design of the bumper design. Especially the fog lamp house. The complete exterior of course also depends on which model you choose. However, don’t worry! All models have been equipped with electric for lamps and mirrors with turn signal affixes. Honda HRV has used full LED. In the main lights and fog lights with technology. The Full LED variant is only available in the Special Edition and 1.8L Prestige. While at the bottom it has been equipped with a Halogen projector. Another change is the Type E. The design of the wear rim belongs to the previous HRV Prestige, and the antenna is now shaped like a shark fin.

Specifications of Honda HRV

This Honda HRV engine can load 1.5-liter, it is more sufficient for use on busy roads and still convincing enough to drive on the freeway. The 4-cylinder engine is capable of producing 120 PS at 6,600 rpm and 145 Nm of torque at 4,600 rpm. In use, the Honda HRV is not as efficient as the Jazz in terms of fuel. This Honda HRV has a 1.8-liter engine variant that has a different sensation. With a powerful engine of 139 PS at 6,500 rpm, and a torque of 169 Nm at 4,300 rpm. The combination is felt to be able to move more freely and violently on city roads and outside the city.

Not to mention if the two engines are juxtaposed with a CVT transmission. This transmission is able to channel power to the front wheels. In addition, the CVT on the Honda HRV is also designed with Earth Dreams technology, which is used to transmit power precessionally. And also can make fuel consumption even more efficient when used to drive. This CVT is different from other CVTs. Different story with the Honda HRV 1.5-liter engine variant. This variant of the car feels a bit boring, you have to get an inducement first using manual mode. Why is that? For a more sporty feel! Fortunately there is a paddle shift that is useful to increase the fun while driving. Have fun on the highway! Braking on the Honda HRV has ABS, EBD and BA features. And all of them are found in all variants, you know.

Don’t be surprised, this Honda production car has guaranteed its safety features for the driver. The presence of the Brake Override System is one of the highlights of this car that is always on the rise. This feature works when the driver intentionally or not steps on the brake and gas pedals at the same time. This feature automatically makes the Honda HRV we are riding brakes and disconnects the drive by wire gas pedal signal.

Guaranteed safety driving with the Honda HRV is no longer a hoax. The things above that discuss the qualifications to the features of the Honda HRV can no longer be doubted. Starting from the design aspect to the safety aspect, it has been guaranteed. Both in terms of quality and goods. For those of you who always wonder, “Why does the Honda HRV always shine and rise from year to year?” That’s all, of course, because of the satisfaction of the loyal Honda HRV driver.

Those who have been smart and smart in choosing a car that is suitable for driving on city roads and outside the city. Want a winding road until it’s all gone. Safety while driving is also influenced by the transportation used, you know. So, why think again? Come on! Hurry up and bring the Honda HRV home. Honda, which always excels from year to year, is always discussed.

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