Get to know the Indonesian Voice Command feature at Wuling Almaz — Wuling Motors (Wuling) offers a sophisticated Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) for the Indonesian market, namely the Wuling Almaz. This product is equipped with the Wuling Indonesia Command (WIND) feature which is the main attraction. The presence of Wuling Almaz WIND at that time coincided with the release of the 7-seater formation on Almaz.

Through the improvements that occurred in Wuling Almaz, the Chinese brand hopes to meet the needs of the Indonesian market. Interestingly, WIND is the first voice command offered in Indonesia that is applied using everyday Indonesian, you know! Of course, this becomes more points for the Chevrolet Captiva twin SUV. What is the WIND feature like at Wuling Almaz? For more details, you can read this review to the end:

Dissecting the WIND Feature at Wuling Almaz

It deserves to be discussed in more depth, before the latest Wuling Almaz launches in Indonesia. WIND is a prominent feature in Almaz. This feature is an interactive voice command innovation that is operated using everyday Indonesian that allows users to turn on, turn off, or operate various features in the vehicle.

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Just speak, eat various devices can be operated automatically. This is one of the advantages offered by Wuling Almaz.

As for using WIND, the driver can adjust the air conditioning, windows, panoramic sunroof, access entertainment features such as music or radio, make phone calls, run applications such as Wuling Link or TPMS, to time and date information. These advanced features form a smart ecosystem in the era of modern mobility. Sophisticated isn’t it?

Not only that, various modern features that have been embedded in this SUV are panoramic sunroof, start-stop button, keyless remote, keyless entry, Infinity by Harman sound system, up to a 360-degree camera.

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Wuling Almaz has also been supported with a variety of modern features, namely Dual Front & Front Side Airbags, Electric Parking Brake (EPB), Auto Vehicle Holding (AVH), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Hold Control (HHC), ABS + EBD +BA, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), to Emergency Stop Signal (ESS).

The nuances of the stunning and sporty design on the front are still the main attraction through the Integrated Future Eyes LED application and LED projector headlights in the lower area. This medium SUV also applies dynamic parallel and floating roof styles. The question is, then what about the new Wuling Almaz which will be launched in the near future? Let’s just wait!




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